Climate Control

Living in Southwest Georgia means two things: gnats and humidity.  For homeowners with a home with a crawl space, high humidity is a serious concern.  Many times, when humid air enters a crawl space, its path is obstructed by blocked crawl space vents, plumbing, and air conditioner ducts.  When humid air cannot ventilate properly, the wood from your home begins to absorb moisture from the air.  When wood begins absorbing moisture from the air, it creates prime conditions for  wood decay fungi.  Wood Decay Fungi grows into wood and weakens it as it grows.  It grows rapidly and thrives in damp environments.  To help with this growing threat, several measures can be taken.

Increased Ventilation

Some homes can overcome moisture problems simply by installing more crawl space vents or by removing obstructions that are blocking air flow.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Air flow is not the only source of moisture in a crawl space.  The ground beneath your home also releases moisture into the air.  This process can be altered and prevented by the installation of a vapor barrier.  This barrier covers the ground under your home and traps the moisture released keeping it from entering the air beneath your home.


Sometimes, increased ventilation or a vapor barrier installation is not enough to solve a moisture problem.  When this is the case, a dehumidifier is the most effective option.  Essentially, when this option is selected, the crawl space vents are blocked to keep humid air from entering the crawl space in large quantities.  This is combined with the installation of a vapor barrier to keep the ground from releasing moisture into the air.  Once these two measures are complete, a dehumidifier unit is installed to control the level of moisture in the crawl space air.  This method provides effective control of humidity levels in the crawl space protecting your wood while filtering the air underneath your home at the same time.

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